Próxima Fanclub Party el 17 de Marzo del 2012

Thomas Anders os invita a todos a la próxima fanclub party que tendrá lugar esta vez en el Stadthalle en Ransbach-Baumbach debido a las obras con retraso que lleva aún el pabellón de Koblenz. Aquí os dejamos el mail que Thomas ha enviado.:

Dear Fans,
today I would like to invite you officially to the International Fanday 2012 on March,17th 2012. Because of the reconstruction of the Rhein-Mosel-Halle in Koblenz, we have found a great new alternative location for the International Fanday and the following ANDERS | FAHRENKROG concert!

I have visited the venue myself and I came to the conclusion that the Stadthalle in Ransbach-Baumbach is perfect for our belongings and satisfies all our demands. Starting by the modern stage, the perfect capacity or the facilities for our disabled guests offers the Stadthalle in Ransbach-Baumbach many advantages.

All details to the schedule, further information for good and cheap hotelrooms or a less-expensive shuttle-service by taxi (starting at the central station Koblenz) will follow during the next weeks. At this moment we are organising these details for you. I´m looking forward to this date and hope to meet you again.               
Subsequent to the International Fanday in the afternoon, you can experience at 8:00 p.m. the primiere of the Tour:

It is possible to order tickets for just one of the events or for both events as ticket-combination thru my Please send a short email with your adress and the quantity of the required tickets.

Here are your options:


International Fanday 2012
Saturday, March 17th 2012 beginning 2:00 pm
Stadthalle Ransbach-Baumbach
Get your tickets under
Subject (please enclude) Ticket TA Internat. Fanday 2012
Price: 20,00 Euro

Variety 2:

Saturday, March 17th 2012 beginning 8:00 pm
Stadthalle Ransbach-Baumbach
Get your tickets under
Subject (please enclude) Ticket Concert ANDERS | FAHRENKROG
Category 1: Euro 42,50 
Category 2: Euro 39,20

Variety 3:

Ticket-Combination ANDERS | FAHRENKROG and INT. FANDAY 2012 
Saturday, March 17th 2012
get your tickets under
Subject (please enclude) Ticket-Combination
Category 1: Euro 62,50 
Category 2: Euro 59,20

The tickets are available from now on and they will be delivered by an advanced payment and additional handling and shippment. After your order you will get a confirmation email from my serviceteam with contains all details and your order number.

If you wish to visit other shows of the ANDERS | FAHRENKROG tour you can order your ticket by

You can find all tourdates to the ANDERS | FAHRENKROG "TWO"-Tour on my homepage or on

Then I have an important information for ticket holders concerning the cancelled shows in Cologne and Koblenz in Germany.
If you own such a ticket please change as follows:

Due to the extended construction terms in the Rhein-Mosel-Halle, we ask you to give back the ticket, where you bought it. The promoter ask you politely to buy new tickets for the alternative location of the german Stadthalle in Ransbach-Baumbach (roundabout 20 km next to Koblenz).


Because of an insolvency of the local Promoter it is not possible to play the concert in Cologne. Here you have the choice between two solutions:

- Tickets, who was bought by the system Ticketmaster, can be given back. The Company Ticketmaster will refund the ticket price.
- Tickets, who was bought by the system CTS, cannot be given back. The tickets you can use for the concert in Ransbach-Baumbach.

As I mentioned, I will provide you with a detailed schedule of the International Fanday shortly but for your travel planning one important informtion. We are going to open the doors by 12:30 pm.

I hope I have answered some of your questions with my todays email. You can find all tourdates to the ANDERS | FAHRENKROG "TWO" tour at the end of this message or on my homepage or on

In my last email we have announced a raffle. We were totally flashed about the gorgeous participation. So many fans had send us the right answer. Thank you very much for the feedback. Before I wish you a pensive and wonderful pre-Christmas season I would like to announce the three winners of my Ballade-CDs: 

1. Daniela Vollmer

2. Jacek Zimnicki

3. Christoph Köhler

Congratulations! The handsigned CD "Thomas Anders Ballades" is on the way to you!
I hope I have answered some of your questions with my email.
All the best.

"Merry Christmas and a happy new year!"


Masby Music

Bienvenidos - You are Wellcome

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